Sky Paying Big Bucks for Premier League TV Rights



With the entry of BT GROUP PLC into the Premier League media auction in 2012, the cost of domestic TV rights in the UK rose to $1.6B per season from a previous record high of $990M. This time around, the shadow cast by BT forced the Premier League’s primary domestic broadcaster Sky to almost double their commitment. For the three soccer seasons that start with 2016/17 BT will pay nearly $1.5B for 42 games each season; Sky will pay $6.4B for 142 games each season. A few weeks ago the Premier League announced that the BBC had retained the traditional Saturday night highlights package at a cost of $310M over three seasons. NBC is the Premier League rights holder in the United States and paid $250M for the privilege. A bid of $400M is probably going to be needed to extend the rights for another three years.

By the time the last deal is signed the Premier League can expect to bank in excess of $4B each season and close to $12.5B for the upcoming three-year cycle.

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Sky Paying Big Bucks for Premier League TV Rights

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