Why is live or in-play betting so popular?

By Sports Betting Buzz

If you’ve ever made a pre-game bet on a sporting event — and then regretted it — you can now thank live or in-play betting for giving you a chance to rectify it.

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How it works
You’re on your couch, laptop open to bet365 and watching hockey. Before the puck dropped, you bet on the Vegas Golden Knights to beat the Tampa Bay Lightning in game seven of the Stanley Cup finals. You suddenly feel you’ve just wasted 100 bucks since Knights’ goalie Marc-Andre Fleury takes a shot off the noggin in the first period and is out for the game.

All isn’t lost. You can still participate in the site’s live betting platform. If the Knights struggle without Fleury, you can bet on Tampa to take the game — and minimize the losses on your original bet. But if Vegas is up 3-0, you may want to double down. The beauty of in-play betting is you can change your mind and wager in various ways as many times as you like — depending on what happens next in the game. The odds change during the action, depending on what unfolds.

Of course, you don’t need to bet on just the outcome of the contest. Sites such as bet365 offer numerous wagering markets for each sport. For instance, you can bet on a team or player to score the next goal, the score at the end of the period, the final score, who’ll win the period, how many goals each team will score, if the game will go to overtime and and the margin of victory etc.

Who benefits from live betting?
All bettors and sports fans benefit from live wagering. Thanks to the changing markets and fluctuating odds, it’s insanely fun — and a way to add excitement to any game. You can bet as often as you like and bet365 provides an option of cashing out early — if you’re not too confident in your wager.

For instance, if you’re worried Vegas won’t hold onto their 5-4 lead (they’re two men short and Tampa has pulled their goalie)… no problem, take the money and run now before it’s too late.

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