New Fantasy Sports App for Mobile


A December 2, 2014 article in reports that Draft, the fantasy sports app has more in common with Words With Friends than with fantasy software built for desktops.

According to Jeremy Levine, Draft’s founder, Draft is the first fantasy-league game built from the ground up for mobile devices. It is aimed at more casual players and works much like Words With Friends. Instead of making a word, you’re picking a player. “FanDuel and DraftKings have great mobile apps, but they are desktop experiences that have been almost forced into apps,” Levine said. “You have a budget, you have to pick nine players from a long list—it’s like putting together a puzzle. We were thinking that’s not how mobile games succeed. They’re all quick, simple interactions.”

To keep the draft simple, Draft’s number of players is limited to five. In addition, the users are not managing their games over a season. Each fantasy game and the real-life wager end with that week’s actual football game. Because fantasy games involve skill and not luck, playing for money is not considered gambling and is therefore legal. Draft makes their money by taking an entry fee for each game.

Draft has first launched with fantasy football but will soon have basketball, baseball and hockey.

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